2014: The Year in Review

A quick recap of a few of my favorite projects from 2014 seems in order! Take a look at six of my most interesting, widely circulated and/or challenging jobs from 2014.

DHL Delivery man#6. Delivering Joy with DHL

The theme was to depict a DHL courier driving or walking in the snow, with iconic landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Sydney Opera House.  Also, the inscription, Delivering Joy to the Wold Since 1969 needed to be incorporated into the design.  My preoccupation with this piece was the rendering of the snow, especially since I’ve avoiding being in it over 25 years, when I fled to sunny South Florida.  It was fun to experiment with water color techniques like using salt and saran wrap for the snowy banks.


New Jersey Mag March 2014

#5. Where the Jobs Are

Nice to get a Linked In request from the Art Director, Laura Baer, an old client with a job offer to contribute to New Jersey Magazine.  Laura said she was working hard on elevating the look of the magazine.

She was putting together a pitch for a cover direction and was going to use some of my images from my web site to present to her editors.  The editor’s liked the idea of integrating some of my gestural people with type.  He didn’t want to emphasize the unemployed, the readers already have jobs, so representing health care, food, tech, business services, and construction were the jobs to illustrate and focus on.  We worked fast and furious on this project.  It was lots of fun to work together again.



#4. Up in Canada
An illustration package, for the 2014 September issue of Canada’s “up!” magazine, a division of Red Point Media & Marketing Solutions, came by way of my agent, The Anna Goodson Agency.

They needed one main illustration (full page) illustrating the concept of mixing the business person with leisure travel, called “Bleasure”, person in a suit on a beach or a similar idea, and a bit of humor.

Also a sidebar spot of a neatly packed suitcase with one or two separate items like sunglasses or slippers.

Lastly they needed four different oval shaped skylines of New York City, Toronto, Chicago, and Dallas.Up Canada 5

I delivered two fairly tight concepts to “up!” for the full page illustration, both which they liked with a few small changes. The rest were good to go. They told me they were a huge hit around the office, thanked me for doing such a beautiful job, and asked me to fill out a questionnaire as one of their featured contributors. Note to Rollin, always have a head shot with the correct dpi at the ready.Up Canada 2
2014 February Tropic Finish#3. Getting Modern

Tropic Magazine assignment was to highlight Mod Weekend March 2014, a four day celebration of mid-century modern architecture in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  The event included red, double -decker London style buses with open tops touring the city’s landmarks.  The logo needed to be incorporated with just an impression on the side of the bus and two buildings in the background for this banner-shaped layout.  The round building on the left is the Kenann Building, 1962 with revisions by Dan Duckham later.  The other boomerang shaped building is The Sea Tower, 1957 designed by Igor Polevitzky. John O’conner, Editor-in-chief of Tropic magazine, writes brilliantly and spearheads efforts to raise consciousness for restoration and preservation projects in South Florida through his many publications.

518161800471519234#2. Working Close to Home

July ironically brought me a local job from my agent in Canada.

It was a guide to the fall arts events for South Florida appearing in the Sun Sentinel News Paper, covering music, theater, dance, books, fine art and dining at or near the big venues in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The illustration would be approx. 10 inches by 10 inches, with empty space at the top for our masthead and room for a headline that says “A night on the town” within the illustration.

Their concept was to have a South Florida street scene at night with dancers, entertainers and artists. They liked two pieces they saw called “Palm Beach Movie Night” and “Steeplechase Hat Contest”, from Rollin’s portfolio, on Anna Goodson’s website.  It was nice to work locally for publication, plus have the editor write me a heartfelt note: “Your art on the cover of our Guide to the Arts this year was exceptional. It had the perfect sense of whimsy and timelessness. It was a wonderful departure for us, and I thank you for participating.” Howard Saltz, Editor at The Sun Sentinel.


American2#1. Up, Up and Away

americanAmerican Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines, asked the Anna Goodson Agency for an editorial style illustrator to illustrate a story called,  “Sunday Driving”.  They wanted to show a large SUV driving through Manhattan in a sea of yellow cabs.  I was in N.Y.C. when I got the assignment and was inspired! I even bought a toy taxicab at the airport, to use as my model and draw from life.

Then the direction of the story changed.  Now the art director wanted to focus on an SUV driving through the city without any cabs and no bugler blowing his horn from the sun roof. I was to draw the SUV with everything seemingly dwarfed in comparison, as if the SUV was a road hog.  It was to be a full pager, and the deadline was tight.  We only had two rounds of sketches, in the end everything turned out just fine.