Zip Cars and Tropic Magazine

I am thrilled to be working once more with John O’Conner at Tropic magazine, I recently supplied  the whimsical illustration for a story about Zip Cars. Tropic Magazine has long been a favorite client of mine the magazine has a fun retro vibe that complements my throwback style and the Art Deco feel of South Beach perfectly.

Tropic Magazine-Zipcar Miami-hiresTropic Magazine-Zipcar Fort Lauderdale-hires

John has an intense interest in mid-century modern architecture, and It’s always a treat to try my hand at rendering  the iconic buildings that make up the Miami and  Fort Lauderdale skylines.  In the illustration for Tropic you will see The Four Seasons Tower and The Santa Maria Tower from Miami, as well as the Los Olas River House and the Bank of America Plaza from Fort Lauderdale. Get ready South Florida the ZipCar revolution is coming.

See the Full Story at Tropic Magazine.